Hodge Park Brings Fun and Beauty to the Game

As the old adage goes: A bad day on the golf course beats a good day in the office. If you disagree, you’re either playing the wrong sport, or (much more likely) you need to revisit your course(s)-of-choice. Because, for every time this fickle game brings us to the brink of insanity, there’s a silver-lining waiting to be seen. In golf, this silver lining comes in the form of perspective. Without perspective, the beauty that this game exudes will never be realized. This is where the old adage rings true. No matter how poorly you’re playing, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, and let me know how the view compares to the inside of your office cubicle. If the world famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, dabbled in golf course design, I imagine his courses would resemble a stretch of land in Kansas City that so perfectly blends in with the surrounding environment, it’s as if Mother Nature laid the blueprint herself. For those in need of a little perspective, allow me to introduce Hodge Park Golf Course—the silver lining in the Midwest.

Hodge Park

Hodge Park Golf Course is more than just an 18-hole layout; it’s a scenic getaway: With three lakes, a creek, beautifully manicured zoysia fairways, bent grass greens, blue grass rough, rolling undulations, and natural wildlife to boot. The experience is a golfer’s dream come true. But don’t let the surrounding beauty lull you into serenity. The course–while playable for golfers of all skill levels—is far from a walk in the park.

Hodge Park is a par 71 and offers three tee boxes to choose from: (in descending order of distance) Blue, White, and Red (Ladies’ Tees). Golfers should play from a distance that suits their particular skill level. Here’s a quick rundown of each tee box’s distance/level of difficulty: The Blue tees play 6,181 yards; the White tees, 5,707 yards; and the Red tees, 5,293 yards. The slope (a measure of difficulty) for each: 117, 110, and 115 (respectively).

Course features to note: 10 out of the 18 holes feature some degree of “dogleg”, which forces players to keep the ball center-cut from tee to green. The rolling undulations create an added challenge for most shots—on the fairway and long grass alike. Pay close attention to your stance at address: Is the ball above your feet or below? Downhill lie or uphill? If undulations had a voice, they’d likely chant “OB” in middle of your downswing. Pace yourself on the first four holes, because the fifth is the #1 handicap for all three tee boxes. To say this hole is a challenging par 4 would be a huge understatement. From the Blue tees, it plays 446 yards—lengthy by a majority of golfers’ standards. Though this is one of the straighter holes on the course, you’re forced to keep the ball on the fairway, or risk finding yourself in an unplayable position to go at the green. Leave this hole with a par, and you can call it a successful round before you even approach the 6th hole.

Hodge Park

Aside from a great golfing experience, the course offers a variety of special deals to provide a bigger bang for your buck, though their regular rates hardly break the bank. For reference, playing Monday-Friday will cost $24 to walk, $40 to ride. Aside from their standard rates, Hodge Park offers three specific “specials” to aid in providing the best golfing experience for players of all skill levels (they even offer a special rate for non-golfers). The below information can be found by visiting Hodge Park’s RATES page on their site:

Parent Junior Special after 6:30 Monday – Thursday, after 5pm Fri-Sun. $13 for parent and $13 for Junior ages 17 and under

Player Development Special after 6pm Monday – Sunday after 5pm Friday – Sunday. $19 per player (Special rate for new players and their friends, includes the cart. New players are defined as anyone who can’t break 100 for 18 holes or 50 for nine holes)

​Spectators rider fee $15 for eighteen holes, $ 9 for 9 holes can putt or chip, Juniors 10-12 junior fee of $15, ride for free. All players are expected to keep a four hour pace for 18 holes, or 2 hour pace for nine holes. Onesomes have no privileges to play through, twosomes, threesomes and foursomes do. Food and beverages must be bought at the clubhouse.

Hodge Park

The course offers added value by providing a plethora of services and amenities, offering more of a private country club feel than that of your run-of-the-mill public golf course. Added services and amenities include: Individual and group lessons by their dedicated PGA Professional, junior programs, a driving range, two putting and one chipping green, club fitting, club rentals, handicap trackers, a fully stocked pro shop, snack shop, and lockers. Stay in the know on upcoming events for the 2017 season by checking in on their special events page.

As is the case with any notable course, it’s all about the experience. Hodge Park offers an experience that every golfer should witness. Beauty aside, the course has clearly made an effort to provide a country club “feel”, and, in my humble opinion, they did just that. If I haven’t made you a believer, the course certainly will. Your day job isn’t going anywhere, and neither is your cubicle. Step out for a day, and experience golf the way it was meant to be played. Experience Hodge Park Golf Course.