2015 Fairway Woods Review: More Distance, More Forgiveness

Given the variety of fairway woods available today, selecting the right one for your game is a challenge. There are many questions you have to answer before you can make the final decision. Although the variety does ensure one thing: you can find the best possible fairway wood for your needs. With the best in the business creating fairway woods and hybrids, you can rest assured you will find one to enhance your game and deliver the results you expect.

The Ping G30

Ping Fwy

The Ping G30 is one of the best fairway woods available on the market today, hands down. It not only allows you to generate more speed but also lowers spin, ensuring greater accuracy on your shots. The G30 is a definite step up on the G25 which, in its own right, was a very good club and enjoyed significant popularity.
When it comes to performance on the fairway, you cannot get much better than the Ping G30. Even lazy swings and issues in technique can be covered by using this great club. The accuracy is such that you can expect decent elevation on shots hit from anywhere. When coupled with the smooth feel and the great sound the club produces at impact, you have on your hands a formidable tool to take on par-5s in two. On top of all that, the club looks great as well. Its visual appeal makes it a delight to play.

The Callaway XR Pro

Callaway XR PRo

If forgiveness is the feature you are looking for when selecting a fairway wood, the Callaway XR Pro is a great choice. The club is great for all golfers, offering more speed off the clubface coupled with ample forgiveness. These two hallmarks of Callaway long clubs combine to enable you to get greater distance on your shots and be able to find it. The head shape of the club has been redesigned to make it better when hitting off the tee, making it versatile club to have in your bag. In Golf Digest’s Hot List, the club earned five stars out of five, making it the only club this year to receive a perfect rating in its class.

The Nike Vapor Speed/Flex

Nike Vapor Fairway

The Nike Vapor series offers a couple of outstanding fairways woods, the Speed and the Flex. The Flex offers a range of adjustment and customization options, but the Speed is great to use off the shelf. The Speed features a larger head, offering greater distance and speed on your shots. Also, it is more forgiving, enabling you to lift your game and take more risks. The Flex, on the other hand, can be fitted according to your needs, making it the ideal fairway wood if you have some specific requirements. The smaller head provides more playability and makes it more effective from a broader variety of lies. Overall, the Speed and Flex are considerable improvements over previous models from Nike.

Titleist 915F

Titleist 915F

The Titleist 915F may lack some of the innovative features of the other fairway woods on this list, but that doesn’t make it a lesser club. The company has retained the hosel design which it introduced in the 913 series while blending several improvements throughout the rest of the club, including designing a larger, more forgiving head to make any shot easier to execute. While offerings from Titleist are typically considered a better player’s club, it offers more forgiveness than the fairway woods than their prior offerings, making it a worthy inclusion on the list of the best fairway woods of 2015.

TaylorMade R15

Taylor Made R15

The R15 fairway wood brings something brand new to the category with the sliding weight along the sole of the club. Positioning the weight at the heel, toe, or in the middle can change the overall bias of the club, promoting a draw, a fade, or putting mass directly behind the ball to maximize distance. The track also acts as a speed pocket – a feature seen in other clubs to allow the face to flex more and provide more distance. They feature the same adjustable hosel seen on the R15 driver, making it the most adjustable club in this category.

These are the five latest fairway woods from the leading golf equipment manufacturers. If you want to buy a fairway wood that offers precision, distance, height, class, and forgiveness, your best bet is to find a fitter to help you select the best club to fit your game and provide the distance you need. Which isn’t to say you always want the longest fairway wood you can find. In testing, some golfers felt that some of these clubs nearly matched the distance of their driver, meaning they could probably go with a higher loft and a little less distance to capitalize on the control of the club and provide more precision when needed off the tee.