Tiffany Greens – Fun is Now Par for the Course

With smaller bunkers, shorter rough and new forward tees, Tiffany Greens Golf Club is trying to make fun par for the course. While still a challenging 6,648 and 7,055 yards from the two back tees, Tiffany Greens has responded to laments of the average and casual golfers that the course was too long and difficult, said Head Golf Professional Doyle Harris. The Northland course opened in 1999 during the "Tiger Boom" when golf was peaking in popularity and courses were made longer and harder, Harris said. As years passed, golf started losing business to other recreational endeavors. "People were getting frustrated with how tough the game was and we wanted

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Shoal Creek – Making a Difference in Kansas City

Since 2001, Shoal Creek Golf Course has been among the top (if not the top) course in the Kansas City area. And that’s not just our assertion, the course has been recognized consistently as a top ten course in Missouri by GolfWeek and last year was the top rated Missouri course on “It’s nice to get that kind of feedback from golfers. [The GolfAdvisor rating] has nothing to do with professional reviewers; it’s just people who come out and want to leave a review. So, that’s really nice to get that bonus,” said Brett Plymell, General Manager. When asked what resonates most with golfers and reviewers

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Sunflower Hills – A Mainstay in the Middle of it All

sunflower featured

A lot has changed in western Wyandotte County in the last four decades, but not when it comes to championship golf. Sunflower Hills, opened 1977, has been a mainstay during the development boom just to the east that includes the Legends shopping center, a casino, NASCAR track and stadiums the Kansas City Sporting and T-Bones. Visible from Interstate 70 just east of Highway 7, Sunflower Hills is carved into rolling, wooded landscape that stretches over 7,000 yards from the back tees. You won’t find houses on Sunflower, one of its appeals, just a very engaging 18 holes of golf. “The things we hear most about the course is

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Relaxation and Easy Access at Clinton

Comfortable and relaxing, Clinton Country Club can be the perfect respite for travelers to or from the lake. The small, semi-private club is located just outside of Clinton off 7 Highway as you head towards Truman Lake and Lake of the Ozarks. The club is approximately two miles east of town, then north about a mile along NE 201st Road. “As you turn east and head towards Truman Lake out of Clinton, we’re just off 7 Highway,” explained Tom Browning, Vice President of Clinton Country Club. “There’s a sign that say ‘Clinton Country Club’ with an arrow to where to turn off.” As the town of Clinton grew to

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Wedges – The Unsung Heroes of Your Golf Bag

They are the unsung heroes. You can drive for show and putt for dough and stick the irons all you’d like. Truth is, the wedge is arguably the most valuable club in the bag, used in a variety of situations ranging from necessary bailout to setting up a much-needed birdie to rescuing from bunkers and thick rough or saving a round-altering par. And this crop of wedges is grooved and grinded and milled in dozens of manners, creating for a smorgasbord of customizations tailored specifically to whatever type of game each golfer players. There are wedges for swings steep and shallow, for diggers and pickers, for bunkers and

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Hodge Park Brings Fun and Beauty to the Game

As the old adage goes: A bad day on the golf course beats a good day in the office. If you disagree, you’re either playing the wrong sport, or (much more likely) you need to revisit your course(s)-of-choice. Because, for every time this fickle game brings us to the brink of insanity, there’s a silver-lining waiting to be seen. In golf, this silver lining comes in the form of perspective. Without perspective, the beauty that this game exudes will never be realized. This is where the old adage rings true. No matter how poorly you’re playing, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of your

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Off the Beaten Path – Golf Day Trips

Some people enjoy the familiarity of playing their favorite golf course each week, allowing them to understand every undulation of the greens, even to know every blade of grass. Others though appreciate the challenge and excitement of visiting new courses. The Kansas City area has dozens of courses that are within a relatively short drive. These hidden gems are reasonably priced and provide a nice change of pace. We’re going to highlight five golf courses in the Kansas City area that you may not have visited recently, three of which fit under the Great Life KC membership package (the first three below). And to make the most

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Dave Pelz – Games To Make You A Better Putter

Find the Right Putter for Your Game

In a round of golf, more strokes are played with the putter than any other club. Most people know they need to practice putting, but the challenge is with how and what exactly to practice. In his book, Dave Pelz’s Putting Games, Dave Pelz outlines how golfers should go about assessing their overall putting skills and playing a number of games (or drills) focused on improving areas of weakness. For this edition of the KC Golfer Magazine Pro Tip, we spent some time with his book to give you a feel for how it can make you a better putter. His book starts off

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Kansas City Golf Show – Abundance

Kansas City Golf Show

A record number of free golf rounds and unprecedented numbers of golf equipment choices highlighted the three-day Kansas City Golf Show on Feb. 17-19 at the Overland Park Convention Center. At the door, visitors received whole host of gifts and giveaways including rounds of golf at the Lake of the Ozarks, a week pass to this year's Digital Ally Open on the Tour, and three local rounds of golf from Great Life KC, owner and operator of 18 area golf courses. Balmy weather all weekend put the 7,000 visitors to the show in the mood for golf. Some 100 exhibitors were on hand, including a

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Deer Creek and Falcon Ridge Join GreatLife


The GreatLife golf family just got bigger. The regional golf and fitness group has added Deer Creek, Falcon Ridge and Wichita’s Tallgrass to its group of fourteen (14) GreatLifeKC courses. During a July 29 open house, GreatLife owner Doug Albers explained why the addition of these courses made sense. “It’s a great addition to the courses we already have in our family,” he said. “Now we’re somewhat on the Johnson County side. We’ve had a heavy presence on the Missouri side of the state line, until we got Canyon Farms recently. Now we get to kind of round out this side of town. In the big 435 loop

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