Tour Rewards Program

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Terms and Conditions



For all participants, their participation in the Adastra Metro Golf, LLC (parent company of myMetroGolf and KCmetroGolf) Tour Reward Program begins once a Tour Rewards Program card has been activated at any of the Tour Reward Program locations. Activation occurs when a first-time participant swipes their card at a Tour Reward Program terminal and enters the required information.  There is currently no predetermined end date for the TRP, although any client of Adastra Metro Golf, LLC retains, at its sole discretion, the right to terminate the TRP at any time without notification of any participants.

The Tour Rewards Program (TRP) is offered at the sole discretion of each Adastra Metro Golf, LLC client.  As such, each client retains the right to alter or discontinue the TRP at any time, without notification of any participants.  This includes modifications to these terms and conditions; the accumulation of future points; the value and amount of previously accumulated points; available benefit type, quantity, and limits; the allowable timeframe for redemption; and/or the expiration of accrued points.  The most current Terms and Conditions can always be found at or    

If a prospective TRP participant resides at a location where the TRP is prohibited by law then that respective participant is not eligible to participate.

Privacy Policy

The administrator of the Tour Rewards Program (TRP), Adastra Metro Golf, LLC, respect the privacy of all TRP participants. Adastra Metro Golf, LLC will not sell or otherwise provide participant email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, or other data with any third party.  As part of this program, however, Adastra Metro Golf, LLC and respective TRP clients will contact participants via email, phone, or direct mail in order to assist with account changes or maintenance, or to provide notification of selected offers, TRP benefits, updates, and/or changes to the TRP.  These communications may include third party material.

Accrual of Points

In order to receive points and ensure accurate maintenance of a participant's account, a valid and activated TRP card must be presented by the account holder at the time of purchase at any TRP location. A TRP member receives one point for every dollar he or she spends at a TRP location.  Each member is eligible to accumulate points for rewards determined by each Adastra Metro Golf, LLC TRP location.  In case of any issue, concern or discrepancy, participants are directed to contact Adastra Metro Golf, LLC at 877-309-0370 or within 30 days of a discrepancy.  Each TRP location determines their own rules and regulations on earning points.  Contact each TRP location or visit their respective Web site for rules and regulations. TRP points have no cash value and cannot be transferred to another account or individual at any time or for any reason.  All accumulated points will expire 1 year from date of purchase.


Each TRP location determines their reward rules and regulations.  Contact each TRP location or visit their respective Web site for rules and regulations. 

Point balances cannot be redeemed online at this time.  To receive a reward each member must have a valid email address.  Once enough points are accumulated to be eligible for a reward, a 'redeem' button will appear on the TRP terminal at any participating locations.  By touching the 'redeem' button on the TRP terminal that respective TRP member will be given a valid reward.