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You drive for show. You putt for dough. But what about those tricky shots around the green that, more times than not, we fail to get up and down? Why has this become such an overlooked portion of our game? The pros put in an incredible amount of time on their short game and greenside shots – some estimate well over 50% of their practice time – perhaps it should be a focus for you too. The next time you are left with a dicey pitch shot to salvage the round of a lifetime, you’ll be thankful you put in your time. Of course, a

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Longer and Straighter – 2016 Fairways and Hybrids

fwy hybrid

Noted golf course architect William Flynn turned out to be something of a clairvoyant. In 1927, he predicted the need for longer golf courses, a result of rapidly advancing equipment technology – even as early as the mid-1920s. And indeed courses have become behemoths, especially by the standards of Mr. Flynn’s era. The idea of an 8,000-yard track is no longer a ludicrous notion, but a matter of reality (there are at least seven such courses in the US and a few more internationally). This means that the need for fairway woods and hybrids, and the combination of distance and control they offer, is more prevalent

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Forgiveness, Control, Trajectory, and Spin – New Irons for 2016

New Irons 2016

2016’s new irons feature hot faces, great feel, and improved sole designs. Whether you’re looking for better ball flight, more forgiveness, or just need some extra juice for longer shots, there’s an iron set for everyone at any skill level. Club manufacturers make irons in three general classifications: Game Improvement, Max-Game Improvement, and Better Player.

Game Improvement Irons

Irons designated as “game improvement” are designed for better ball flight and distance. They are engineered towards the majority of middle handicap golfers, as well as higher handicappers aspiring to play better and have a more versatile club in their hands, as well as lower handicap players who feel they

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New Putters, New Rule for 2016

Putter review

If you’re looking to upgrade the most important scoring club in your bag, putter manufacturers have come up with several impressive offerings for 2016. From innovations in materials and design to helping golfers affected by Rule 14-1b (anchored club ban), this year’s crop of putters will help you dial in your short game and shoot lower scores. The Nike Method Origin blade putters and Nike Method Converge mallet putters both won Gold on GolfDigest’s Hot List with a focus on counter-balance technology, improved feel, and better roll. The Nike Method Converge putter with CounterFlex system comes in a heel-toe weighted style (B1-01), and a mallet style (S1-12). The

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2016 Drivers: Speed Is The Name Of The Game

Golf Driver

Speed – that’s the new name of the game in golf. Don’t laugh. It’s not a joke, because while golf’s pace of play can sometimes be glacially, painstakingly slow, speed doesn’t necessarily concern how quickly a player gets from the first tee to the eighteenth green. We’re talking club speed and ball speed. Specifically: How fast and far can a club make a little white ball sizzle down a fairway? That’s the question designers evidently sought to tackle this offseason, particularly so off the tee. The newest crop of drivers, from Callaway’s Great Big Bertha to the Cobra King F6 to the Nike Vapor Fly/Pro, have

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Get Golf Technology and Get Better

Garmin 6 Approach 2

The best, quickest way to shave strokes by throwing down a few bucks used to mean getting the right ball or being fitted for a driver. Now, though, it might just be getting some technological gadgetry on your side. Consumer electronics have become a big part of the game of golf and just about every aspect of the game is supported in one way or the other by these devices. Today, they run the gamut of possibilities from helping to analyze a golf swing to giving a golfer the right distance to the pin. There are even a few smartphone apps available to help you

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2015’s Top Wedges Deliver Versatility and Control

Wedges have an attitude. They’re complex. But given their job description, golfers cannot imagine walking on to the course without them. Wedges are the scoring clubs and, often, the tools needed to save a score after an offline shot. They can deliver the ball to the green from fairways, sand, rough, or hardpan across a wide range of distances. What follows is a review of a few of the latest wedges from the top manufacturers. Often, there are too many variations to cover, so it’s best to consult a professional to find the right lofts and grinds for you and your game.

Callaway MD3

Callaway is making some

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2015 Fairway Woods Review: More Distance, More Forgiveness

Given the variety of fairway woods available today, selecting the right one for your game is a challenge. There are many questions you have to answer before you can make the final decision. Although the variety does ensure one thing: you can find the best possible fairway wood for your needs. With the best in the business creating fairway woods and hybrids, you can rest assured you will find one to enhance your game and deliver the results you expect.

The Ping G30

The Ping G30 is one of the best fairway woods available on the market today, hands down. It not only allows you to generate

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2015 Drivers – Power, Precision, and Forgiveness

Whether you are a power player, shot shaper, or short knocker — If you’re looking for a driver that finds the sweet spot among accuracy, impact, versatility, and a lot of driving forgiveness, then keep reading. We cover a few of the latest drivers on the market and share the details and features of the top fan-favorite manufacturers.

Callaway (Big Bertha Alpha 815)

Big Bertha Alpha 815 brings in the latest “gravity core” technology allowing golfers to easily adjust (raise/lower) the center of gravity (CG) to change the launch and spin of the ball. It’s a yardage guzzler, eating up distance like a bullet

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2015 Irons Review: Getting the Work Done

Some terrific advice an experienced player once offered was to simply let the club do the work, and that advice is never truer than for irons. This month’s equipment feature focuses on the clubs that do the most work tee to green. You’ve got more of them than any other kind of club, so, let’s grab the right irons and put them to work.

Callaway’s newly-revived Apex irons are designed to provide high performance, a consistent spin and pinpoint control. Tungsten weights in the sole provide a low center of gravity and boost launch angles. A forged carbon steel body

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